Sales Intelligence right in your Sales Deck

This quick post is dedicated to all my fellow kick-ass sales professionals out there.

After a sales meeting, we are often asked to give away a copy of our sales deck, it doesn’t happen always, but when it happens and we do hand-over our sales deck, we lose control of the sales process and is once again Death by PowerPoint.

We don’t know what’s going on on the prospect’s side anymore. We don’t know how much attention are they paying, if they are actually looking at the deck at all, for how long, which sections are the most interesting, and who they may have shared the presentation with.

With Prezi Analytics we can create a tracking link that’s exclusive to each different prospect.

Imagine that you can:

  • Know if your prospect is actually looking at your presentation after you handed it over.
  • For how long, how many times and which parts of the presentation are most interesting to her.
  • Who they shared the sales deck, which means we get an insight into the decision-making group’s structure.

If you feel that your team could present in a much more exciting and interactive way in their sales meetings, let’s talk, we have solutions.