This is an All Things Prezi Templates page resource to help you find the best templates and ideas for your Prezi Design project.

Custom Made Prezi Templates – The Corporate Way

The corporate solution when you need a Prezi Template is to hire a Prezi Expert to create a Custom Framework for your team or organization. A Prezi Framework is a series of templates and other digital assets with supporting documentation, created for your users and based on your brand book and business processes that will help them make the most out of this technology. We can also help to create a Prezi Framework for virtual presentations, using the new Prezi Video.

To get your team up to speed efficiently and avoid wasted time and opportunities, I highly suggest hiring a Prezi Expert to tutor your designers and salespeople.

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Standard Prezi Templates

I can’t fail to mention Prezi’s default templates. These appear as soon as you start creating a new Prezi; you will be presented with the option to start your presentation from a template or a blank canvas. As of right now (September 2019) there are about 150 Prezi Templates included with your Prezi Account and free to use.

Reusable Prezis

There is a very cool, little known resource out there and is the reusable Prezis. Prezi encourages (among other reasons to position their product and brand) users to make their Prezis available to others for reuse.

Head to the Prezi Gallery and look for the small green “Recyclable” icon.

Free Prezi Classic Templates

During all these years, we have created many Prezi Templates. Once upon a time, I even dreamed of building a Prezi Marketplace but never had the time. These free Prezi Classic Templates are for you, free to use.


But you came for meat, not ideas. Right? Here are some high-quality templates that you can download and use right away.

Basic Nonlinear Template

This template is a good starting point to get your feet wet with nonlinear presenting. By keeping all the main Topics on top, the presentation is easy to remember and navigate for new users.

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Block of Images Nonlinear Template

This template is slightly more deep-structured and suggested for more experienced users. The images and colors are just a suggestion; change them at will.

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Interview Presentation Template

This template is part of my Corporate Job Interview Presentations Course and has been incredibly useful to a lot of people.

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I would love to hear about your experience presenting in sales situations. I am eager for feedback and real-life stories that can prove my ideas right or wrong. Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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