We have created a game for Entrepreneurs with this Easter Prezi presentation. Prezi has so many uses. We imagined an Easter egg hunt for the child at heart. And this one is virtual, so we can invite the whole world to our hunt. Take a look inside this Easter Prezi presentation and find valuable free tools for Entrepreneurs.

2015 Easter Egg Hunt: The Easter Prezi Presentation

Now you know, Prezi can be used as a scavenger hunt or an egg hunt. We think this rocks. The Prezi has instructions for the first few frames. Once you reach the last frame, the fun begins. You’re on the hunt for 15 eggs.
Hidden on the eggs are valuable free tools for Entrepreneurs. Really, anyone can find use from them. The tools are from 5 categories:


There are 3 tools for each category. These save you time, money, and effort. Happy Easter to you. There is nothing like adding value to everyone that plays the Easter Prezi presentation game. We hope you enjoy!

Did you find them all? Comment below and give a hint to one you found.

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