Looking for Prezi examples so you can take your employees’ training to a whole new universe? According to Training Mag, more than $55 billion was spent on training in the United States in 2012. That’s a lot of money to waste on lectures that aren’t even retained! We can fix this. Implementing a Prezi presentation in your training module will help to engage and deepen the memory retention of your audience. Rather than wasting time, money, and energy on a training module that doesn’t work and has to be repeated many times, reduce the stress with a method that actually works!  Here are a few examples of Prezi as the training tool in your organization:

Staff Training

Increase Quality and Productivity  

Training your employees the right way is essential to your business’s success. Despite the importance of both the employee and the business, it’s ironic how much resistance comes from both the employees and the managers. “It’s taking time away from doing my job,” you often hear. It’s important that both employees and managers learn what’s in it for them. If they see the benefits for themselves, they will be much more likely receptive to your lesson. Typical preliminary training takes place in a conference room and consists of videos, talking, and maybe even a PowerPoint presentation (if they are really trying to put you to sleep).

Taking all that into account, you end up:

  • Detaching your employees from the training
  • Spending additional time reteaching the material
  • Slowing productivity rates and quality of new employees
  • Every minute spent X the number of people in the room = time really lost

Executing the Training

Now that you know your training is, at best, causing as much waste and damage as it is giving benefits, let’s move on to how to change all this. First, Prezi will engage your audience’s memory and stimulate their active participation. By displaying visuals representations and less text, you imprint their memory with your message. Next, you can show the whole process and the big picture. As you approach a detail, you zoom into it and pan from point to point. When those details are finished, you zoom out to the whole picture again.

By training your employees using a Prezi presentation, you will:

  • Educate workers about the effective use of technology
  • Ensure a competitive edge in the market
  • Promote opportunities for career and personal growth
  • Improve total quality, productivity, and profitability

So, finally, training will vary for the individual job that is being trained. For a manager, it is crucial to express to them how they are not the technician all the time. As an example, Prezi will help you show them the grander picture. This will increase the value they add to your organization, and to the employees under them. That’s a free tip… The key to increasing your manager’s value and worth is being able to help them understand that they are not just a technician.

Prezi Examples on Training your Clients

Call it what you want, but you train your clients. From pitching your product or services to implementing after a sale, you are training your clients each step of the way. To convert them from a prospect to a client, you have to train them on what you have to offer and how you do it. Prezi presentations are the only tool you need. Here is a Prezi example of how one of our clients, Telluride Rentals, uses Prezi to bring the conversation to the next level. Make sure you use the autoplay feature (click here to watch). Even more originally, they are able to tailor the Prezi to specific clients. So every experience with this will be slightly different!

Embedding a Prezi presentation on your homepage, like these examples start the conversation from the first click. Our own Prezi example shows anyone our tone and what to expect from us. Clients can control the presentation, moving forward and back to fully grasp each point. Prezi allows you to guide your client through any sort of process.

Even better yet, you can remote present to your prospect and convert them, without leaving your desk! You send the link to them and once you start the presentation, you can control what they see. On the phone or through a chat box, you can train your client on what you do and what to expect. Here is another Prezi example that UGO Language, another great client of ours, uses for remote Presentations with their prospects (click here to view). They can’t go to Brazil to meet with every prospect because they are based in the US. So they use Prezi presentations to remotely accomplish their goal.

Training Is Growth

Save Money and Increase Effectiveness

In an article by Josh Bersin featured in Forbes Magazine he says, “(It)…takes 3-5 years to take a seasoned professional and make them fully productive.” Why should it take this long? If you increase training retention, you reduce the time it takes to reach the “seasoned” and productive person you seek.

Bersin also says that there has been a steady increase in spending on training in the last two years and that:  “Corporate training is always a very good indicator of economic activity: when companies slow down they often cut training spending, and then as business grows they ramp back up to train new hires, salespeople, and leaders.”

This is good news for everyone that has been hit by the global recession. From this article, funds spent last year on training were $130 billion worldwide. Don’t spend more on training.  Increase productivity from the start using Prezi presentations. You can even convert the Prezi, or a portion of the Prezi,  into a printable PDF to use as a handout.

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