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These Prezi Templates can be used in any setting where you want to tell a story or explain a concept in a non-linear way, though our focus remains to help Sales Teams present conversationally.


Prezi Templates for Sales Teams and Conversational Presenting

Many of our templates are inspired by award-winning works of art, like the Best Prezi of 2013 and Best Educational Prezi of 2014 at the Prezi Awards.

prezi templates for investor pitching

Present in a dozen different ways with one Prezi presentation, navigating your way through the visual story wherever the conversation goes. Engage with your prospects in a new way, creating collaborative communication, one of the most important factors in moving a prospect forward in the pipeline.

award-winning prezi templates

These Templates are inspired by our Prezi Awards 2013 and 2014 Best Prezis.

Our templates are also used by thousands of professionals in very different scenarios including Investor Pitching, Corporate Communication, Events, Finance, Employees Onboarding, and Education.

Create impressive business reports, training resources, sales and marketing presentations, investor pitch presentations, and more—even school reports and seasonal greeting cards—with these powerful and professionally designed Prezi Templates.

prezi templates for corporate communication and training

Each template is created with an in-depth knowledge of cognitive science involved in how people think, engage, and remember. You won’t get this sort of intense professionalism and mastery of design elsewhere.

Prezi Templates for Arts and Abstract concepts.

Not only do our templates look amazing, but they are specifically designed to make your Prezi perform as an effective communication tool. Whether you need to give a truly effective presentation to clinch a huge deal or just want your family newsletter to impress your relatives, wOw Prezi is the source of the free templates that you have been looking for.

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