5 Metrics Your Sales Pitch Presentation Must Have

5 Metrics Your Sales Pitch Presentation Must Have

You want your sales pitch presentation to make a lasting impact that causes action. Whether it is a 30 second elevator pitch or a dynamic visual presentation, there are 5 metrics your sales pitch presentation must have. They are like the pillars to a bridge. Without...

Free Prezi Template: Save The World With Solar Energy.

Who hasn’t left a light on, or the coffee pot, on your way out for the day? It happens and so does leaving other things running that are consuming non-renewable energy. I have opened electric bills that have made me tell my family we are going to be Amish for a...

Prezi’s Remote Presentation Used For Editing

Remote presenting is a dynamic feature of Prezi. Normally I hear “oh cool”. The power of collaborating anywhere is far underestimated. Besides being able to present to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices, you can also edit while remote presenting. Prezi’s...

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