Prezi Video is finally here! Since Prezi Present was released, we have always wanted to turn Prezi into a video or export Prezi to a video, present offline, and take our presentations wherever we go. 

Prezi Video is a video presentation maker that lets you interact with your prezis live while you meet on-screen or record a presentation.

Learn how to create a Prezi Video presentation with the award-winning designer, Guilherme Criscuolo.

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What is a Prezi Video?

Prezi Video is a fantastic tool to maintain a human connection in difficult times like these, without moving from your desk.  Now you can bring your content alongside while you are presenting remotely in business meetings.

It’s the solution to stop wasting time switching your screen between your videoconference and your presentation. Prezi Video is the only video maker that allows you to interact with your content while you are live on-screen. In this way, you can make your conversational presenting even more engaging and interactive in online meetings.


How to turn Prezi into a video presentation?

Do you have a stunning presentation that you would like to make a video of it, to deliver to your clients? We got the solution for you; every Prezi presentation can be imported into Prezi Video. To start working with this new feature, you need to localize Prezi Video on your Prezi dashboard and choose the presentation that you want to convert into a video.

Guilherme Criscuolo, an award-winning designer, shares some tips to turn your Prezi into a virtual presentation with Prezi Video.

Also, there is the possibility of starting a Prezi Video from a template. Prezi next already offers several customizable templates for Prezi Video; thus, you will save time and effort. 

Moreover, you can even turn a PowerPoint deck into a Prezi Video. There is the possibility to reuse your decks and bring them into a videoconference with this feature.

How to bring Prezi Video to my remote meetings?

Using the Prezi Video Desktop App, available for Mac and Windows, you can present in real-time with the conference tool of your choice, such as Cisco Webex, Zoom, Google Meet, or others. 

Prezi Video will create an interface between your camera feed and your presentation, so your audience will appreciate your presentation in some sort of augmented reality effect.

Alternatively,  there is the possibility to record the presentation to deliver it later to your prospects. In this way, your audience might have more time to review it carefully.

Even if you have camera shyness, you can make a video of your presentation and add voice-over audio to it to tell your story.

Also, like any other Prezi presentation, it is simple to share. You can create a link and share instantly with Slack, MS Teams, or any other messaging app.


What can I do with the Prezi Video desktop app?

There two ways to use the Prezi Video tool; both of them have the same functionality. The first option is to start working on your Prezi Videos on Google Chrome. The second option is to download the Prezi Video desktop app. In both options, you can start making videos from scratch or from a template, import a PowerPoint deck to make a Prezi Video of it, and import a Prezi presentation to make a video of it.

How to use Prezi Video?

Use Prezi Video in many different ways, like business meetings, team video conferences, sales pitches, webinars, and training.

No matter what you do or where you are, Prezi Video is the tool that brings you closer to your audience.

Learn some tips on how to get started with Prezi Video with Guilherme Criscuolo.

Is Prezi Video free?

Prezi Video is entirely free of charge and is available in every Prezi license account.

Now you can bring the power of stories to your online meetings too. Contact us if you have any questions or if you want to learn more about Prezi Video.