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Articoli informativi e di formazione

Prezi Course – What is Prezi? – Chapter 1

What is Prezi? Prezi is an awesome tool to present visually in a nonlinear way by making use of spatial cognition, zoom, storytelling, and visual metaphor. Prezi was created in Budapest, founded by Adam the architect, Peter the scientist, and Peter the entrepreneur....

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Prezi Course for beginners and pros. Introduction.

Prezi Course for beginners and pros A Prezi course to help students with skills of any level, starting from the very beginning and all the way up to making a full presentation. There will be 16 lessons with the most basic and core functions of Prezi. I will try to...

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Work with us – WordPress Developer

Please refrain from bidding if you can't communicate NATIVELY in English, Spanish or Italian. We need help with completion of our website, our former developer vanished into thin air. We are looking for someone that knows Wordpress very well and can also build simple...

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10 Curious Facts About Dreams

Dreams, they certainly are amazing. The ability that we have, as simple human beings, to create a completely alternate universe, is beyond remarkable. But, although we know that there is a remarkable factor within the ability to live a life of wonder, by the mere...

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Newbie Tuesday: Keys to Success

  If I know one thing, anything at all, it is going to be the art of building a successful outcome within every situation. It is actually a highly important fact of, not only corporate politics but also, the simplicities of daily living.  Because of the significance...

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The Sky’s the Limit

  There is nothing more exciting than having an idea and then watching it as it comes into view. With all of the time and effort that you have placed into the development of your idea, business plan or vision, it can be difficult when others do not see your vision in...

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Prezi in 3D

  I’m sure you’ve witnessed, at least one terrible presentation, throughout the length of your career. You know, the kind of presentation that has an ever-present ability to lull you into a conscious realm of sleep.  With an intensely nervous individual, who seems to...

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Enhance Learning with the use of Prezi

  Not only can finding a topic and performing research be intensely overwhelming, but the same can be said for the actual presentation that is the culmination of all of your hard work. Seriously, after all of that work that you’ve done with gathering information,...

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