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Can prezi be converted to pdf?

Yes. See an example PDF below. Prezi can be converted to PDF either with the Prezi Desktop App or online. Go to the Prezi that you would like to convert to PDF and click the PDF logo at the bottom-right of the page.

Converting a Prezi to PDF - Convert to PDF icon
Click on Convert to PDF icon

Then click on Start exporting.

Can a Prezi be Converted to PDF - Start Exporting
Start Exporting

The process of converting the Prezi to PDF will take more or less time depending on the size of the presentation.

Converting a Prezi to PDF - Wait for a moment...
Wait for a moment…

Finally, click on Save PDF.

Converting a Prezi to PDF - Saving the PDF
Save your Prezi converted to PDF

I wrote this article using the presentation below, that I used to speak at BizBash Live New York 2019.

And this is how the Prezi converted to PDF looks:


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