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Can prezi be used offline?

Will Prezi work without internet?

Yep. And in different ways. 

  • The Prezi Next Desktop App (or Prezi Software) will locally synchronize your presentations as soon as you have an active Internet connection and the Prezi Software is active.) To present offline afterward, simply “Play” the Prezi from your laptop.
  • You can also set some Prezis as Available Offline in your Prezi Viewer App on iOS and Android; in this way, you can present from your phone or tablet when disconnected from the Internet. On your mobile device (phone or tablet, iOS or Android,) while on an active Internet connection, open the Prezi Viewer App and select the presentation that you want to use offline. At the bottom of that Prezi’s dashboard there is a small “Keep Offline” icon. Here are detailed instructions from Prezi.
  • You can also download an auto-executable version of your presentation that can be stored on a USB stick (or any other medium) and will run on any PC or Mac computer or laptop without installing any additional software.
    An exported presentation cannot be edited.

* Videos that are pulled from YouTube won’t play if there is no Internet connection. Though embedded (uploaded) videos will.

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