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What is Prezi Next?

Prezi Next is the new presentation software from Prezi. It was released in 2017 as the evolution of the Prezi Classic. The significant change is that now Prezi Next runs on HTML5 to be compatible with all major technology devices and to step up its potential to add new features and improve user’s experience.

Prezi Next – What’s new?

Prezi Next includes a wide variety of new templates to start your next presentation. Now the Prezi templates are organized by categories and colors. The categories are;

  • Sales and Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Education and Non-Profit
  • HR and Training
  • General

If you have a brand and need a specific style, you can create your own Prezi from scratch. You will add all the topics and subtopics you need and fully customize your presentation from a blank template.

If you need presentation design for your company, contact our award-winning Prezi designers. Feel free to visit our portfolio with the Prezi presentations that we created for our clients.

Present Mode

Prezi Next introduces a new way of presenting, in which you can move freely through the presentation, addressing your prospects’ questions instantly. This new approach, called Conversational presenting, is more engaging and perfect for storytelling.

There is also a new feature to use your smartphone as a clicker when presenting on a big screen.

Prezi Analytics

Depending on your Prezi Next plan, you will have access to Prezi analytics. Now you can see who is watching your presentation, for how long, who was it shared with, and which part engaged them the most.

Download Prezi Next

Prezi Next offers a desktop version of the software to edit your presentations on your Mac or PC. The Prezi Next Desktop app allows working on your presentations without an internet connection (once you are online again, Prezi will sync all the changes).

Prezi Video

Prezi Video lets you convert your Prezis into a video. Prezi Next introduces a new way to deliver virtual presentations; with Prezi Video, you can present alongside your content live on-screen. Learn more here.

Here is the video that used to introduce Prezi Next

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