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Can prezi be shared?

Sharing and collaboration are a big part of Prezi, and there are many different ways to share a Prezi presentation.
Sharing, in Prezi lingo, means several things:

  • Sharing a link to a presentation with a Prospect or Stakeholder for them to watch.
  • Collaborating (editing) together with a colleague (like you would do with Google Docs.)
  • Collaborating (editing) along with someone outside your organization (like you would do with Google Docs.)
  • Sending a hard copy (like mailing a USB stick) with the presentation to someone.
  • Sharing a link to a live presentation that you will start at a given time.
  • Sending a copy of a presentation to a peer’s Prezi account for viewing, commenting, or editing.
  • Embedding a Prezi into your website to share with your visitors.
  • Sharing an exported PDF by email or Google Drive.

Prezi can do all of that. I will be adding specific tutorials for each case as I have time.

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