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How to create a view link of your Prezi?

Prezi offers the possibility to create a view link to share your presentation. This link will be useful to share the presentation to a prospect or stakeholder for them to watch, embed Prezi on your website to share with your visitors, or even send a copy of your presentation to a colleague to view, edit, or comment on your presentation.

To create a view link of your Prezi, you need to locate the presentation on your Prezi dashboard and click on the three dots in the bottom right.

1- A submenu will show up, and you will have to click on “share view link.”

2- Click on “create new link

3- Give your link a name for personal purposes only, just to differentiate it from other links.

4- Choose if you want to track the link with Prezi analytics. Then, click on “create link.”

Also, it’s possible to require viewer name and email, just for you to keep a personal record on who’s watching your Prezi.

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