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What is the Prezi Desktop App?

The Prezi Desktop App is a program, software that you install on your computer and provides a full-fledged Prezi editing, publishing, and presenting tool.

To install (to use) the Prezi Desktop App, you need a Prezi license of level Pro or above.

To download the Prezi Desktop App, login to and follow the link on the bottom-left corner of the screen:

2 responses to “What is the Prezi Desktop App?”

  1. Monir says:

    I wanna use from Prezi program for seminar.

    • User Avatar Pablo Povarchik says:

      Hey Monir. You can get a free Prezi account for your seminar, but it won’t include Prezi Desktop as it is a paid feature.
      Go here for a free Prezi account:
      Go here for a Pro account (which includes Prezi Desktop)

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